HoloLens integration into our LMS

  • Personal access to the learning management system with the HoloLens

  • Possibility to manage and provide 3D content for your projects

  • Perfect integration in innovative blended-learning scenarios


We are one of the first companies to venture into actual industry sector projects. Based on our comprehensive know-how, we offer:

  • Conceptual design and consulting
  • 3D content creation
  • Providing content through the HoloLens
  • Personal user login and content management in our learning management system with the HoloLens

Virtual objects are integrated into the physical environment and can be fully experienced


Well-known international companies already count on us when it comes to mixed reality. Learn more about it in our video about mixed reality.

Watch the video now – mixed reality for the industry sector

We offer you full-scope service around mixed reality!

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