Classroom Manager – for integrated knowledge management

Knowledge from a central point

We have developed the Classroom Manager tool to help you manage the knowledge in your company and deliver it from a central point and also to determine how well the knowledge has been assimilated.

You can use your content centrally with the Classroom Manager – within the scope of the Knowledge Database, the Learning Management System, Seminar Management and Talent Management.

Providing content to specific target groups

With professional knowledge management you can ensure that the knowledge in your company goes exactly where it is supposed to. The Classroom Manager helps you to achieve this objective: the software for your integrated knowledge management allows you to structure your content clearly and in a way that allows it to be found easily with a convenient search facility. You can make your knowledge available both within and outside of your company – as a marketing or service tool, for instance.

Benefit from being able to provide your content to specific target-groups: for example, you can tailor your content to certain customers or countries with the Classroom Manager, thus offering your learners precisely the content they need – in the form of web-based training, PDFs, forums, galleries, videos, games etc.

Conveying content – centrally and effectively

Benefit from the modular structure of the Classroom Manager: you can also use the content made available with the Classroom Manager in the knowledge database and in all the other modules.

The Classroom Manager's standardised and multi-module reports can be used to determine how effectively the knowledge has been conveyed: by linking the content to the Talent Management System you can ensure that students have assimilated the knowledge that you have provided. It is also possible to check the impact of the information, knowledge and teaching media on your employees' abilities. This allows you to keep an eye on their skills and how they develop.

Benefit from professional knowledge management

Benefit from the advantages of professional knowledge management and put the possibilities offered by the Classroom Manager to use in your company. We will be happy to advise you in person.