Classroom Manager – for professional talent management

Strategic personnel development with 360° evaluation

Trained staff are key to meeting the demands of the market. Skills management is crucial to the implementation of new strategies and sustainable success.

The Skills module of the Classroom Manager supports your talent management by

  • defining target skills
  • determining available skills
  • analysing the target/actual delta
  • defining measures aimed at skill enhancement
  • managing the skill portfolio

Staff and management all benefit equally:

  • Staff
  • Management
  • appraise their own skills
  • can state and prove additional qualifications
  • see proposed training measures
  • evaluate the skills of their supervisors
  • assess staff
  • retain an overview of the skills of their staff
  • define the training required
  • strategically improve personnel development

The Skills module – for professional talent management

You use the Skills module to define the skills which are important to your company and to develop them further. You distinguish between basic and expert skills and between multi-disciplinary skills and business skills.

Once the relevant skills have been defined, you create a profile from them. You assign individual skills to this profile and add target values.

Once a profile has been created, you assign it to individual staff members or a group. Using pre-defined skill levels you now evaluate your staff's skills and define training measures – such as seminars or online courses. Your staff can add additional qualifications and thus keep you up-to-date on their skills.

The Skills Card offers an overview of existing skills, their assessment and targeted training: It can easily be downloaded as a pdf and provides managers and their staff with information.

The Skill Module also offers you numerous reports: For example, a time line shows you at a glance how skills are developing in your company, who has the skills in your company and which profiles still require training. The Skills Manager takes account of the nature and the strategic relevance of the skills in a profile.

Develop talent!

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